Sometimes we don’t see the layers and patterns that stand in our way. Working with coaches and with each other, we’ve found that 1:1 support is the most powerful tool for those sustainable inner shifts that we all truly desire; and need.

That’s why we offer personalized coaching to help you feel truly supported along your journey – which we tailor to your needs, your goals, and your heart’s desires.

As a Heart Intelligence Coach for Men, I specialize in helping men uncover sabotaging blockages and discover their powerful authentic voices so that they can create lives based on heart-inspired action.

My 3-step process is designed to provide an easy path towards lasting change. It starts with identifying negative patterns of behavior and emotional blocks so that we can break them down and start afresh. Then we’ll explore what true authenticity looks like for you, discovering your unique passions and core values so that your life decisions become easier. Finally, together we’ll create a plan of action that is aligned with your heart, so that you can start living according to your true desires.

I know this process works because I have seen countless men just like you break through their barriers and flourish with newfound confidence. You don’t need to struggle alone – let me be your guide on the path to a life of meaning and purpose. Take the first step today and join me in unlocking the power of your heart intelligence!

Schedule a one-hour Path to Freedom Discovery Call to connect with me and explore how we can work together to take you and your relationships to the next level.


This 21-day online program is designed to help people who are feeling stressed, stuck, and unfulfilled, to awaken from the unconscious matrix, and step into the truth and aliveness of their hearts.

This program is divided into three phases, guiding you step-by-step to unveil your unconscious programming, discover your authentic self, and reconnect with your deeper heart space: The key to a life of vitality, inner freedom, wholeness, purpose, and meaningful connections.

Through reconnecting with your authentic self and activating your innate heart intelligence, you will begin to design your life from a place of alignment and truth – free from judgment, self-sabotage, and unfulfillment, and full of the joy and abundance that life is really about.

Self-Guided Programs

Your heart is your best guide and coach, but it’s easy to forget it. Immerse yourself in our self-guided virtual program to get started right away, or glide through at a pace that aligns with your heart and life. Our self-paced program is filled with practical bite-sized video training, daily exercises, and powerful guided meditations to easily embody all of what you learn, so you can experience profound inner change and expansion each day you journey deeper.

Live Group Experience

Share your experience with others in a compassionate container that allows you to access indispensable support and accountability: the key to transformation that lasts. You’ll also benefit from LIVE sessions with us where you can have your questions answered in real-time. Access everything that’s included in the self-guided program, PLUS exclusive weekly calls with us and the group to go even deeper.


Eight Portals Into the Heart

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Fancy escaping the chaotic world for a sacred, rejuvenating space that allows you to go within – deeper than ever before? Our in-person retreats are designed with love, support, transformation, and your heart at the center.

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How To Activate Your Innate Heart Intelligence and Discover Your Authentic Path

Experience an exclusive deep dive into unconscious inner barriers, the true path to inner evolution, how to truly activate your heart intelligence, and an immersive guided meditation – FREE!


Living with Heart Intelligence

Going deep and doing the work that actually leads to profound change and expansion isn’t always easy. That’s why we encourage you to surround yourself with like-hearted people who will uplift and empower you, and also hold you accountable.
Our community is designed to do exactly that, while also ensuring you keep in the know of everything happening at HeartQ, and providing a platform for us to continue sharing educational content and powerful tools that we know you’ll love.